The ultimate lightweight electric outboard motor

Designed to be the ideal solution for small craft including tenders, skiffs and kayaks

Electric performance in a lightweight design

Our 6HP (3kW) equivalent outboard weighing only 8kg able to power your small craft to 12knts (22km/hr)

Our 3HP (1kW) equivalent outboard weighing only 6kg able to power your small craft to 6knts (10km/hr)

Our 10HP (6kW) is under development and specifications will be released soon...

Our outboard is compatible with small craft transoms

With a modular transom bracket that allows your motor to be removed from the transom without the need for any tools, the motor can also me removed from the bracket without any tools

Prices starting from $2,999



MotoSkiff the ultimate lightweight electric outboard motor

If you need to upgrade your current outboard to electric or want to go clean electric

Electric lightweight high performance outboards will be avail from 3, 6 and 10HP with 48V lithium power packs

Sustainably manufactured

Manufactured from 90% recycled or recyclable materials

Has no fluids or seals to maintain or replace, so zero impact on the environment

Lightweight 48V Lithium Battery

Lithium power pack that is easy to handle charge and safe to use

We will offer various lithium packs from 1kWh to 5kWh

MotoSkiff Kayak Pod Drive

Pod drive system developed for kayaks can either replace pedal drives or replace the rudder system

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